Our mission, as public servants of the Grant County Clerk's Office, is to excel in our commitment to provide courteous and efficient customer service, while maintaining superior quality in our archival and records management procedures to provide convenient public access to all clerk's records; and to promote the success of the democratic process in the administration of Voter Registration and Election procedures by promoting public trust and confidence at maximum level.

In performing these duties, it is the Mission of the County Clerk's Office of Grant County to provide prompt, courteous and professional quality service to everyone who enters the office.

Clerk's Notice to the Public

Clerks cannot conduct searches (they can provide a list of local abstract and title companies upon request).

Clerks cannot give legal advice on whether the documents you want recorded are correct, complete, or legally sufficient for your purposes (Please see an attorney if you have questions).

Clerks will assist you in any other way possible. We are here to record and file your documents as public record and maintain them for your future use.

Ex-Officio Clerk

As ex-officio clerk of the Board of County Commissioners, the County Clerk is responsible for the recording of meetings and maintaining all minutes of the board. As custodian of the records of the County, the clerk maintains and stores these minutes and resolutions and ordinances passed, all of which are public record and available for public access and research.

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