What is the protest process if I disagree with the assessor’s valuation?

After receiving the Notice of Value:

  1. Review the Petition for Protest Guidelines.
  2. Fill out the Petition for Protest form that is available at the County Assessor’s Office or online. Make sure the form is filled out completely.
  3. You may mail in the form or bring to the Assessor’s Office in person. It will be helpful if you provide copies (not originals) of your supporting documentation.
  4. An Appraiser will review the account and may conduct field work and analysis in response to the protest. After this review the Appraiser will contact you with additional information in support of a resolution.
  5. An informal meeting may be set with an Appraiser. Resolutions are often accomplished at this point. Resolutions are recorded using a Protest Withdrawal Form.
  6. If necessary, a formal hearing with the Valuation Protest Board will be scheduled.
  7. If the dispute is not resolved satisfactorily at the board hearing, you may appeal the board’s ruling in District Court.

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