What are the activities of the grant county LEPC?
  • The LEPC assists with the preparation and implementation of the Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)
  • The LEPC receives the annual Tier Two Reports (chemical inventory). The information is used to perform hazard assessments for the community. LEPC must make information from these reports available to the public, upon request. The LEPC may also request additional hazardous chemical information from facilities for emergency planning purposes.
  • The LEPC participates in hazardous material exercises and drills to improve the response community's preparedness. In May 1999, a CHER-CAP (Chemical Hazardous Materials Emergency Response-Capability Assessment Program) exercise was conducted to exercise the EOP and to identify the community's resource capabilities.

The LEPC serves as the link between citizens, industry, and government in emergency planning and preparedness for the community. Members participate in exercises, training, seminars and other special projects with other in the community to build team efforts.

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2. What are the activities of the grant county LEPC?
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