What types of items should be reported?

The following is a partial list only:

  • Office furniture and fixtures, including file cabinets, books and bookcases, desks and decorative items.
  • Store equipment such as racks, shelves, shopping carts, equipment, typewriters, time clocks and ATM’s.
  • Restaurant equipment including tables, booths chairs, drinks dispersers, freezers, appliances. Sinks and cookware.
  • Apartment, motel and hotel equipment including furniture, exercise equipment, appliances, lighting and decorative items.
  • Machinery and heavy equipment as well as shop tools, dental tools, drilling equipment, portable sheds, dumpsters, golf carts.
  • Forklifts, engraving machines, welding equipment, and mortuary equipment.
  • Electronic equipment, such as sound systems, alarm systems, musical instruments, fax machines, computers, camera equipment
  • Equipment, postage scales, vending machines, radios, televisions
  • Small tools and video recorders.
  • Leased equipment is also assessable.
  • Any other tangible personal property used in business.

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2. What types of items should be reported?
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