Legal material that is mailed through the U.S. Postal Service will be accepted by the Detention Center. There is no mail delivery to the facility on weekends or Holidays. Incoming mail is distributed within 24 hours of receipt directly to the person addressed. There are no limits on the amount of mail an inmate may receive; however, inmates are not allowed to keep more than twelve (12) pieces of mail in their cell or bunk.

Incoming mail is opened and inspected for money and contraband, and may be scanned for content. Incoming mail with stickers, tape, sparkles, or other foreign substances may be returned to sender. Pornography and nude photographs are not allowed in an inmate’s cell. These items will be placed in property storage when received.

U.S. funds, and authorized Money Orders are receipted and deposited into the inmate’s Trust Fund Account. Checks, non-authorized money orders, and foreign currency is receipted and stored in jail property storage.


No limit is set for the amount of mail an inmate may send (at their own expense). The facility will NOT mail magazine subscription cards marked “bill me”. All mail, unsealed is dropped into the mailbox provided in inmate’s specific area. Inmate mail may be opened and inspected without notice to inmate. Full return addresses are required on all outgoing letters. Facility staff will hold any outgoing mail without this information until the sender is identified and the correct return address is filled out. Any mail with marking other than return address and delivery address will be inspected, returned, and not processed out.

Return addresses will contain the following information:
• Full name as listed in jail records
• Grant County Detention Center
• 320 Ridge Rd.
• Silver City, NM 88061


Inmate-to- inmate mail is not allowed or accepted. This includes mail to and from other Federal, State, Local and Juvenile institutions. All such mail, out-going or in-coming is returned to the sender after examination. Blood related or married inmates are allowed to send mail through the U.S. Mail on a case-by- case basis, after verification.


Inmate must label any outgoing legal mail as “LEGAL” on the envelope. Detention Officers are required to open and inspect in-coming Legal Mail from Attorneys and Courts in an inmate’s presence.