Pursuant to the Town of Silver City Ordinances Section 18-24 (9). The Fire Chief and Town of Silver City has declared that a state of fire danger does presently exist. By the order of the Fire Chief, the following restrictions are in effect:

A.  No building or maintaining of campfires
B.  No open burning to include the burning of yard waste, tree limbs, and weeds.
C.  UL approved propane grills with appropriate covers/lids are approved.
D.  Any other outdoor wood or charcoal burning device shall have protective fire screens and prior approval from the Silver City Fire Department.
E.  Underground fire pits for use of meal preparation shall have appropriate covers such as screen, metal siding and /or dirt. Fires used to prepare hot coals must have a protective screen and a five foot clearance around the entire fire pit. Fire pits must have prior approval from the Silver City Fire Department who will issue a special burn permit.

These restrictions are effective immediately and shall remain in effect until conditions improve and will only be lifted by the Fire chief. Anyone caught in violation of this order is subject to the following penalties: A fine of not less than $100 nor more than $500 and or imprisonment of up to 30 days.

Milo E Lambert
Fire Chief
Silver City Fire Department