Sheriff's Office

2024 Sheriffs Office Dept photo

Mission Statement

To work in partnership with our community and surrounding agencies to provide effective and professional public safety services with integrity, honor, and compassion.

Values Statement

The Grant County Sheriff's Office embraces these Core Values: Respect, Trust, Excellence, and Service.

Respect: As community servants, the Sheriff's Office will treat the public and each other ethically and with dignity.

Trust: The Sheriff's Office understands trust is earned from our community, through honest actions and open dialogue.

Excellence: Office members will provide the highest level of customer service, constantly seeking improvement which evolves with the needs of our community and our Office.

Service: Members of the Sheriff's Office place the well-being of others above their own. Recognizing the importance of each Office member, we do our utmost to encourage and assist one another to develop as professionals.

Vision Statement

To be a leader in public safety through innovation, continuous learning, and quality leadership. We will pursue and employ the best-trained, equipped, and committed professionals who demonstrate the highest standards of excellence. We will enforce laws, preserve the peace, prevent crime, and apprehend offenders; while providing secure and humane detention of persons entrusted to our care. We will remain committed to enhancing the quality of life for all the people of Grant County.

When to call the Sheriff's Office

Oftentimes citizens are unsure of when to call the Sheriff's Department outside of an emergency. Because of this indecision, we often miss out on valuable information that might help us solve a crime.

Our department is interested in any activity that you as citizens feel is suspicious or of a criminal nature. Your phone calls are valuable to us. If you think something isn't right, it probably isn't. It's best to call us so we can check things out. Recording the following information before calling is useful:

  • Vehicle, make model, year, color, license plate.
  • Descriptions of suspicious people: age, race, clothing, height, weight, etc.
  • Exact locations, dates, and times.
  • The activity the people are involved in.

Never place yourself in a dangerous situation! You pay us to do that. You also might be experiencing, a problem with speeding motorists, loud neighbors, or may have a question. We are always ready to serve and just a phone call away.

Central Dispatch

Central Dispatch is the 911 Emergency Call Center for all the Grant County Agencies. Central Dispatch is a 24-hour organization and handles all calls for service.

For Non-Emergencies Dial: 388-8840

If there is no threat to life or property, the call is not in progress and needs no immediate response from Police, Fire, or Emergency Medical Services (EMS) the call is a non-emergency.

For all emergencies dial: 911

If you feel a situation calls for immediate action or response from Police, Fire, or EMS you have an emergency.


Our office is pleased to provide OffenderWatch for the citizens of Grant County. OffenderWatch is the nation's leading registered sex offender management and community notification tool with hundreds of leading agencies in dozens of states utilizing it. Grant County's law enforcement utilizes OffenderWatch to manage and monitor the whereabouts, conduct, and compliance status of the registered offenders in Grant County. OffenderWatch provides the most accurate and timely information available and now this information is available to you!

OffenderWatch is updated instantaneously throughout the day as offender addresses and other offender information are updated in our office. You may enter any address in the county and see real-time information on the publishable offenders within the specified radius of the address you enter.

Offenders move frequently, so instead of having to check the maps on a weekly basis, the best way to stay informed is to take advantage of our free email alert system. You may confidentially register as many addresses in the county as you wish, and we will continuously monitor the addresses and send you an email alert if a new offender registers an address within one mile of any address you register. There is no cost for this service and no limit to the number of addresses you can register - your email address and physical addresses are all confidential. Tell your friends and neighbors and be sure to register your home, school, work, gym, daycare, park, soccer field, parents or children's homes - any address of interest to you!

Search for offenders