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Mission of the County Treasurer

To provide the taxpayers of Grant County with the most current and accurate information about their property taxes, so they may meet their obligation of paying their taxes in a timely manner. Providing personal and professional service to each and every taxpayer in a fashion and atmosphere that they deserve and have come to expect.

Welcome to the Office of the Grant County Treasurer

The Treasurer serves as the tax collector for Grant County, the State of New Mexico, and numerous other tax authorities within the County of Grant. The Treasurer's Office takes the assessed property valuations, provided by the Assessor's Office, and multiplies that by the tax rate established by the State of New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration to calculate the amount of taxes due. The Treasurer's Office collects and disburses tax collections to the appropriate government agencies and receipts, deposits, and where appropriate, invests available revenues for the County of Grant until they are needed. The Treasurer's Office keeps books and records of county funds pertaining to the office ready for inspection by the auditors for the Board of County Commissioners and the State Department of Finance and Administration.

More than 40,000 property tax bills, delinquency notices, and other correspondence are sent by the County Treasurer's Office annually. It is the job of the Treasurer's Office to collect these bills.

As the "banker" for the County, the Treasurer's Office is also responsible for collecting money due to other County departments, including fees for services, licenses, and revenues from bond issues and special assessments. The Treasurer invests surplus monies until they are needed for County operations, and is an important source of service and information for County residents.

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