Ready, Set, Go!

Wildfire destroys thousands of acres and threatens hundreds of homes across New Mexico each year. The Ready, Set, Go program was initiated through a collaborative effort of federal, state and private partners to provide tips and tools to prepare for a wildfire emergency and create a personal action plan. The Ready, Set, Go! program is a proven plan that helps residents be be Ready with preparedness understanding, be Set with situational awareness when fire threatens, and to Go, acting early when a wildfire starts. 

Ready – Get Ready

• Create a family disaster plan that includes meeting locations and communication plans and rehearse it regularly. Include the evacuation of large animals, such as horses, in your plan.

• Put together an emergency supply kit or go-bag. The NM Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management’s Preparedness Guide is a good resource for items to include. Keep an extra kit in your vehicle. Don’t forget important family documents like birth certificates, wills, deeds and insurance policies.

Set – Be Prepared to Go

• Monitor fire weather conditions and fire status. Stay tuned to local TV and radio stations for updates and check official information sources on the internet.

• Have an evacuation plan for your family and pets in place, and make sure all family members have a copy of evacuation and contact information.

• Load your supplies and go-bags in your vehicle.

Go – Act Early, Evacuate

• Do not wait to be advised to leave if there is a possible threat to your home or evacuation route. Leave early enough to avoid being caught in fire, smoke or road congestion. If you are advised to leave by local authorities, do not hesitate. If you don’t follow the Go order, understand that emergency services may not be able to assist you.

• Head to a predetermined location in a low-risk area, such as a relative’s house, Red Cross shelter or evacuation center, motel or school. Identify several routes in case your first choice is closed due to the fire.

Additional information concerning Ready, Set, Go! and Your Personal Wildland Fire Action Guide: