Recording Fees Schedule

Recording, Copy, Certification, Filing & Probate Fees

Recording Fees (NMSA 1978 §14-8-15.1)

  • Documents (1 to 10 index entries) $25
  • Each additional block of 10 entries $25
  • Death Certificates $25
  • UCC (1 to 10 index entries) $25 (see following note)
  • Each additional block of 10 indexed entries $25

Note: This office only records UCCs that pertain to real estate. All other UCC filings are filed and maintained at the NM Secretary of State's Office.

Plats & Surveys

  • Plat/Survey (1-10 indexed entries) $25 (se note)
  • Each additional block of 10 entries $25

Note: Only legible original plats with original signatures and dates will be accepted. An original and one black line copies of the original plat are required for recording. Each plat must have the title of survey and legal description for indexing. The notary seals, expiration date, and surveyor's seal must be legible.


  • Marriage License Fee (Cash Only) $25
  • Marriage License / Certificate Replacement $10 each
  • Certification of Marriage License $2.50
  • Business License $25

Copy & Certification Fees (§14-8-14)

  • Photocopy $1 per page/image
  • Fax $5 (plus $1 per page)
  • Email $5 (plus $1 per page)
  • Certification Fee $1

The Grant County Clerk's Office will provide certified copies of recorded documents by means of mail/shipping if the request is submitted in writing with sufficient information, and a check with the correct fee.

Military Discharge

  • Recording Fee Free
  • Certified Copies Free

Probate Opening & Packets (§34-7-14) (§34-7-15)

  • Filing Fee $30
  • Probate Packet $5

To request copies of documents, please print, fill out and mail a Document Request Form (PDF).

To request a copy of a marriage license, please print, fill out and mail a Marriage License Order Form (PDF).

Mail requests with check or money order to:

  • Grant County Clerk's Office
    P.O. Box 898
    Silver City, NM 88062